The US Composting Council (USCC) provides a wide variety of member benefits including:

      • Increased exposure and networking opportunities
      • USCC Annual Conference and Trade Show discounts
      • Listing on the USCC/NCCC website
      • Free and reduced rates on advertising, subscriptions, and products
      • Access to the most up to date information concerning the composting industry
      • USCC/NCCC training program discounts
      • Increased credibility – the USCC is recognized as the voice of the composing industry
      • Use of the USCC/NCCC logos
      • USCC Seal of Testing Assurance Program discounts
      • Connection with the best suppliers, manufacturers, officials, and affiliates to the composting industry
      • A means to effect change and impact the direction of the industry

Several Membership levels are available so you can tailor your USCC membership to your needs; for more information about these levels and benefits please click HERE.

Membership Registration (for current USCC members who wish to become NCCC members)

      1. First, you must register as a member of the US Composting Council, our parent organization, at the UNITED STATES COMPOSTING COUNCIL.
      2. Then tell us about it by filling out the following form.
      3. Upon verification of your information and USCC registration, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now a member of the NCCC.

Membership Registration

  • Please register at the United States Composting Council first and then tell us about it by filling out the following form: