The Board of Directors is made up of passionate volunteers who work in all areas of composting. Please take a moment to learn about them and reach out if you have any questions.

To learn more about the NCCC Board Member Roles and Responsibilities, please view this document.

Committee Leadership

Executive: Gary Gittere | Jim Lanier | Gary Bilbro
Advisory: Carl Sigel | Jim Lanier | Gary Bilbro
Outreach: Karl Warmkoski | Bianca Howard | Brian Rosa
Communications: Kate Sullivan | Noah Marsh
Compost Operations Training Course: Gary Gittere | Gary Bilbro

To become involved in one of the committees, please let us know, you do not need to be a Board member to do so. Please email us at

Gary Gittere, Board President
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Gary Gittere heads sales and marketing for McGill Premium Compost Products, drawing from over 15 years of regional and national sales managerial & marketing expertise to expand McGill’s 20-year competency.  Gary is charged with leading McGill’s compost market development team as the company prepares to open additional industrial-scale compost manufacturing facilities.  He has focused on the development and presentation of technical training programs for professionals in the turfgrass, landscaping, agriculture, and environmental industries, including engineers and specification writers tasked with the development and management of programs for stormwater and erosion control in the NC, VA, and SC markets.

Jim Lanier, Board Treasurer
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Jim Lanier is the President and CEO of Earth Farms Soil and Compost in Dallas, NC, established 2005.  Jim participated in the “Compost Stakeholder Steering Committee for Stormwater Management”.   He currently sits on the NCSTA Board and has been appointed by the Governor to sit on the North Carolina Onsite Waste Water Contractor Inspector Certification Board.  Mr. Lanier is the previous owner of Stanley Environmental Solutions Inc. Established 1969, Stanley installs commercial wastewater systems, pumps and services restaurant grease traps and industrial waste and septic systems. Jim serves as Board Treasurer of the NC Composting Council’s Board of Directors.

Bianca Howard, Board Member

Bianca Howard has served Raleigh’s citizens since 2004. She “talked trash” for eleven years as the Community Education Specialist in the Solid Waste Services Department. As Environmental Coordinator, she currently collaborates on cross-departmental initiatives to expand multifamily recycling programs and reduce waste citywide. Her love for composting began as a participant in the Mecklenburg County Master Composter volunteer program. Bianca earned a B.S. in environmental science at North Carolina State University.  She also earned an M.S. in ecology at the University of Florida. She is a NC Certified Environmental Educator and has taught vermicomposting and backyard composting to diverse audiences.


Karl Warkomski, Board Member
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Karl Warkomski has been actively involved in the composting and waste reduction sector since 1994. He is currently the General Manager of the Tar River Trading Post, LLC a Louisburg-based company specializing in bioconversion technologies, composting systems and off-grid supplies. He also teaches workshops on Black Soldier Fly cultivation to help small farmers reduce their chicken and fish feed expenses while additionally diverting food waste from landfills.  Karl manages all aspects of manufacturing, distribution and sales out of the North Carolina office.  He is an avid gardener and holds degrees from University of California, Irvine and University of Southern California.

Brian M. Rosa, Board Member
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Brian Rosa brings more than 25 years of experience in waste reduction, recycling and composting to the NCCC Board. His career started in grassroots recycling, instituting the local recycling drop off center in his community. Brian owned a successful company offering consulting and selling compost equipment. Recently, he retired after 11 years with NC Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR, now NC Department of Environmental Quality, NCDEQ) as the “Organics Recycling Specialist”. While with NCDENR, Brian provided technical assistance to businesses and communities with a focus on food waste diversion from the landfill; including education, collection, processing and regulatory issues. Additionally, over the last decade as owner of BE New Organic World, Brian has delivered organics waste solutions to urban and agricultural clients globally. He is now focused on “The Wormery”, manufacturing certified organic worm castings for the local farm and garden industry.

Noah Marsh, Board Member
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Noah Marsh began and owns Food FWD with his wife Sarah. After working in the restaurant industry for seven years Noah wanted to make the restaurants he worked in more sustainable. He quickly realized there were others like him looking to run more sustainable restaurants, but not able to find a way to do it. Noah quit his job as a kitchen manager, bought a garbage truck, began picking up food waste, and distributing compostable serviceware. Now Food FWD collects from more than 60 businesses throughout the Triangle and is both Green Plus Certified and Durham Living Wage Certified.

Carl Sigel, Director
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Carl Sigel spent his professional life in the pharmaceutical industry. Now retired, he is committed to working with organizations that focus on addressing climate change and increasing food security, NC Interfaith Power & Light, Environmental Ministry Committee, Episcopal Diocese of NC, Capital Area Food Network, and NC Audubon. At Church or the Nativity, Raleigh, Carl leads a project, Becoming the Good Soil, Bearing the Fruit That Will Last, which is based on the proven concept of “carbon farming”. Climate change can be slowed by increasing soil fertility through applying compost to the land. Greater soil fertility leads to increased plant growth, more photosynthesis, and greater removal of carbon dioxide from the air.

Gary Bilbro, Secretary
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Gary Bilbro is a recycling professional with experience working with organics diversion, composting, waste-to-energy, curbside recycling, construction & demolition recycling and consulting with public, private and non-profit associations within the industry.  Gary currently works for EcoSafe Zero Waste, which provides programs for waste generators to divert organics from their waste stream with a goal of producing contaminate free material for composters and making zero waste to landfill possible.  Gary has worked to enhance the recycling of fats, oils and grease, industrial sludges and waste water.  The diversion of waste to landfill is his passion. He is working on his first book on the subject entitled “How Recycling Changed the World”. Gary lives in North Carolina with his wife and two dogs, “the kids”.  He enjoys reading, writing, walking and Golf.  His ultimate goal: “To bring life back to our soils while ending the need for landfills”.

We thank all the past members of the multiple iterations of this nonprofit organization for their commitments, ideas, and actions to make this a better state for composting!

Founding Members of the North Carolina Composting Council

Frank Franciosi, Rhonda Sherman, and Craig Coker.

Past Board Members of the North Carolina Composting Council

Amy Brooks, Analis Fulghum, John JanesJorge Montezuma PE, Lyndell Pate, Kathryn (Kat) Pohlman, Glen Roberts, Mike Rowland, Eric Wallace, and Ed Wright.

Past Members of the Carolina Recycling Association – NC Organics Recycling Council (Prior to 2007)

Frank Franciosi, Rhonda Sherman, Ron Alexander, Cindy Salter, and Tom Glendinning.