The North Carolina Composting Council is proud to support the efforts of other non-profit groups working toward keeping organic materials out of the waste stream and developing composting programs.  To that end, the NCCC gives strategic grants in varying increments upon request.


2018 Grant to Every Tray Counts

Every Tray Counts works with children, parents and communities to promote responsible purchasing and waste diversion practices in North Carolina schools by replacing lunchroom polystyrene trays with a sustainable alternative, and diverting lunchroom compostable materials away from landfills.

Success:  In August 2013, after working with the volunteers of Every Tray Counts, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools committed to use compostable trays instead of polystyrene trays with the start of the new school year. Since then, Every Tray Counts has helped schools divert tons of compostable waste to a compost facility, and removed thousands of polystyrene trays from the waste stream.  NCCC thinks this is an effort worth investing in.

Next Goal:  In early 2018 Every Tray Counts approached NCCC for funds to help it to finish its first NC Schoolkit for Composting, a roadmap to improve sustainability in the school lunch room.   The NCCC awarded a grant of $2500 to Every Tray Counts.

Results:  Sue Scope of Every Tray Counts (ETC) writes, “Your grant made it possible to take another step in our work to expand the reach of ETC.  With your grant we were able to finish our new School Kit and redesign our website to promote it.”



If your organization’s mission is in line with the mission of NCCC and you are in need of funds for a special project or to step up to your goals, please submit a grant proposal by emailing it to

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