There are a number of wonderful organizations and websites that we visit often for information, services, and pure enjoyment.  And we know there are many more great websites out there, so if you come across something you think merits being on this list send us an email and let us know.


Powerful Resources

US Composting Council –  The US Composting Council’s mission is to advance compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit our members, society, and the environment.  Yes, this is the mothership.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), Compost Climate Connections Webinar Series: Compost Sequesters Carbon & Delivers Other Ecosystem Benefits,


Compost Makers and Pick-up Services Here in NC

Atlas Organics -Durham
B.A.D. (Born Again Dirt) Composting – Boone, NC – composting Cooperative, pickup and Communications city composting with a fantastic way of doing things.
Brooks Contractor – Triangle Area
ChipDropfree online service that connects arborists who have a load of wood chips or logs to get rid of with gardeners or land owners that want wood chips or logs for firewood.
Crown Town Compost
 – Picks up compostables from homes, apartments and offices in the Charlotte area and holds collection days for people to drop off their materials.
Compost Now – Picks up compostable materials from homes and offices in the Triangle area, Asheville are, and beyond.
Earth Farms – Is an industrial composter in Greensboro
McGill Environmental – This industrial composter picks up large scale waste for composting from municipalities and high volume waste producers around NC and beyond.
New Hanover County Solid Waste – a full-scale program that diverts food waste from the university, local restaurants, Live Oak Bank, Tidal Creek Co-op, and local residents.
Orange County Solid Waste Management – Has three drop off sites in and around Carrboro.
Wake County Solid Waste – Wake County NC. Wake County now has food waste collection bins at six of their Convenience Centers.  Find the one near you.
Wilmington Compost Company – Picks up compostable waste from homes and offices in the Wilmington area.


Recycling and Composting

Carolina Recycling Association -nonprofit committed to waste reduction and recycling efforts across the state.


Compost Education and Consulting

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide – One-Page guide to Backyard Composting from NC Cooperative Extension
ILRS – Institute of Local Self Reliance – non-profit organizations with fantastic classes & materials online for learning about composting in the back yard and community level composting.



Worms Can Recycle Your Garbage – Guide to composting with worms from NC Extension Service
NewSoil Vermiculture – Triangle area source for vermicomposting “red wigglers”, Durham
Mission Worm– Winston Salem area source for vermicomposting supplies and ideas
NCSU Vermicomposting
– Everything you need to know about composting with worms – written, video and lots of links in both Spanish and English,
Urban Worm Network – The Urban Worm Network is an interactive map of vermicomposters and vermiculture-related businesses across the globe.

Game Changers

Every Tray Counts – Helping NC schools to compost food scraps and other organic residuals.
Interfaith Power and Light -NCIPL programs encourage congregations, clergy, and judicatories to be aware and able to articulate the moral dimensions of climate change and environmental justice issues from a faith perspective.
Sharewaste – helps you find someone in your area who’s willing to accept extra scraps and compost it or feed it to their worms or animals.
Toward Zero Waste Raleigh – NC non-profit group focused on helping individuals, families and communities move toward zero waste by minimizing waste of all kinds, one step at a time.