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Calling all environmental enthusiasts!  Are you ready for the challenge established by the US EPA and USDA to reduce and divert excess food by 50% by 2030?

The NC State University and NC Composting Council, along with other private sector companies and charitable organizations, are ready for the challenge!  We have created NC State University’s Compost Learning Lab as a premier regional composting demonstration and training site in the United States.  


The NC State Compost Learning Lab (CL2) is a 2-acre living and learning laboratory in the heart of 1,500+ acres of the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The CL2 currently has three structures: a 40-ft by 30-ft vermicomposting building, (Worm Barn) displaying more than a dozen different styles of vermicomposters for professional and home use including two BSF systems.  Outside, next to our covered teaching space, are various types of backyard composting bins, both large and small scale, along with areas for feedstock storage and hands-on training activities. 


Composting Methods shown at the site.

  • Various Standard backyard compost bins
  • Site constructed 3 bin system
  • Compost Tumblers
  • Compost Digester
  • Black Soldier Fly (BSF) composting systems
  • Vermicomposting with Red Wigglers
  • Aerated Static Pile


For further information click here.   To schedule a tour or class contact Rhonda Sherman.

The following businesses and organizations have supported the Compost Learning Lab:

  • Caterpillar
  • NC State Sustainability Fund
  • NC State Waste Reduction and Recycling Office
  • City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services
  • Earth Farms
  • Ecoverse
  • McGill Environmental Systems
  • US Composting Council
  • NC State Horticultural Science Department

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