Committee Members:  Gary Bilbro – Co-Chair, Carl Sigel, Jim Lanier, Gary Gittere

The NCCC AAC provides focus on multiple important functions of the NCCC.  These functions contain long-term goals and objectives related to the Composting Industry in North Carolina and many short-term projects that command guidance and support from the NCCC.  The connections between the industry leaders, industry related organizations, municipalities in NC and NCCC members are supported by work undertaken by the AAC.


Current projects and goals of the AAC:

Build strong relationships with industry groups that align with the NCCC.  To be supportive of other organizations goals related to Climate Change, Waste Diversion, Renewable Energy, Soil Health, Advocacy, Education and others.  Work closely with the Carolina Recycling Association in many facets including their annual legislative day in Raleigh, NC. Encourage NC municipalities and counties to develop comprehensive organics collection and compost programs.  Engage with other environmental NGO’s to support mutual goals.  Continue to work in support of the USCC and their committees.

To work with groups to increase the awareness of the importance of initiating food waste reduction and composting programs in local schools.  Connecting schools to information through “Schools Kits”.  These Kits can be used to help with feeding students heathy foods, waste diversion, compost soil usage / soil health.  Be involved in supporting the NCCC Education and Outreach Committee’s focus on schools and educational curriculum for students.

Be a force in the upstart of more community gardens and climate-based interfaith programs throughout NC.  Be supportive of existing programs and help bring similar programs to underserved or unserved communities.  Help bring solutions to smaller communities that have little to no infrastructure for organic waste diversion with the introduction of community garden composting.  Bring local schools into the process as a way of supporting these programs.

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