Get involved! 

Consider joining one of our three committees to help us further composting in NC. Just 1-2 hours per month would make a positive impact in our industry. To get involved, email or speak to one of our board members.

Education & Outreach Committee

The Purpose of the Educational and Outreach Committee (EOC) is to promote compost awareness through the Educational and Professional development of Professional Composters, Backyard Composters, Schools, and other Educational Institutions. The E&O committee shall enhance the level of professional knowledge of members by sponsoring informative programs and/or seminars which are based on new and relevant topics of interest, and shall actively facilitate and encourage participation in the education courses of the NCCC.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is tasked with securing organizational partnerships to help aid the NCCC in its mission to increase composting and compost use in North Carolina. The advisory committee provides suggestions and advice to the Executive Committee and board.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee’s goal is to keep NCCC members informed about what is happening not only with the council, but also what is going on in the NC composting industry. This is done through email, the NCCC’s website, Facebook, and other social media channels.