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Consider joining one of our active committees to help us further composting in NC.  Just 1-2 hours per month would make a positive impact in our industry. To get involved, email or speak to one of our board members – find their contact information here:


Education & Outreach Committee

The Purpose of the Educational and Outreach Committee (EOC) is to educate the public about composting in backyards, schools, churches, community gardens and anywhere that compostable materials are generated.  The EOC’s goal is to educate by organizing and participating in informative events, courses and/or seminars, and actively facilitate and encourage participation in the education courses of the NCCC.

The EOC participates in a monthly get-together called Sustainable Spirits.  This event brings together compost professionals and a broad range of environmental enthusiasts for a little fun and networking in a relaxed and informal setting.  It’s free and open to the public.  Check it out!

If you’d like to serve on this committee please contact the Chair, Erika Fye:


Access & Advisory Committee

The Access & Advisory Committee (AAC) is the arm of the NCCC that watches what’s going on in our government from the national level down to individual municipalities and helps guild decision-makers on matters of solid waste disposal, soil health, climate change, agriculture and other areas where the compost industry can help solve problems.  This committee is tasked with securing organizational partnerships with like minded NGOs such as the USCC, as well as provide suggestions and advice to the Board of Directors of the NCCC.

If you’d like to serve on this committee please contact its Chair, Gary Bilbro:


Communications & Marketing Committee

The Communications & Marketing Committee’s goal is to keep NCCC members and the public informed about what is happening not only within the council, but also what is going on in the NC composting industry. This is done through email, the NCCC’s website, Facebook, and other social media channels.

If you’re great with WordPress, social media, photography, videography or the like, and would like to serve on this committee get in touch with its Chair, Kate Sullivan;


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