NC State University Opens A Composting Facility

On April 24th NC State published this story about the compost facility they opened this year.  It’s a five bin aerated static pile system with the capacity to process 1,200 tons per year, which they are already approaching thanks to a large jump in organics collections on campus.  They have received a grant to expand the facility by two more bins, adding another 250 tons of capacity.

The vision for the facility is that it will also serve as a research cooperative to engage researchers, students and faculty on projects that will help broaden understanding of organics management, answer industry questions and challenges, and expand the many applications for compost such as the potential for carbon sequestration and stormwater control. If you have any ideas for potential research projects, please let NCSU know!

There is a link in the story to a virtual tour/webinar that NCSU operator, Adam Bensley is hosted on April 23rd.

Here the link to the University story and video:

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