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Don’t Waste Your Yard Waste-Use It!

by Ruby Stanmyer Spring has sprung in North Carolina meaning that weekends are full of gardening, landscaping, and yard maintenance. To some, the resulting yard waste is a nuisance. It used to be common practice to gather up this waste and burn it, while some prefer to bag it up and throw it in the […]

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A Community Composting Story

Even the Compost is Smiling at CUCC reprinted with permission from the author, Gary Smith of CUCC Community United Church of Christ (CUCC) in Raleigh, NC, has been working to decrease climate change and its impact on those of low income since 2007.  Their latest effort, composting, was inspired by friends at the Church of […]

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When It Comes to School Lunch Waste, Every Tray Counts!

Every Tray Counts is a non-profit organization that aims to take the trash out of public schools and turn it to compost.  When Sue Scope and Bing Roenigk first began Every Tray Counts (ETC) in 2013 public schools all across North Carolina were serving their lunches on polystyrene trays.  Elementary schools average 4 lbs of […]

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Compost Combats Global Warming!

The Link Between Soil and CO2 Did you know that according to the US governments analysis of grassland ecosystems in the year 2000, only 3% of the tall grass prairie that was once in North America is still intact?  This loss has had a huge impact on the way our entire ecosystem works, but what […]

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Waste Not, Living the Low Carbon Life Conference, Dec 1, 2018

More and more research around the world has shown the inestimable importance of sequestering carbon into the soil by composting and reducing methane emissions by keeping organic materials out of the landfill.  On December 1st Raleigh area residents and church leaders will gather to learn about how they as individuals and community members can make […]

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World Soil Day is Coming!

Did you know there is an official day to celebrate dirt?  Well, there is and it’s December 5th. We know that soil is the source of most of our food and is a finite natural resource; on a human time-scale it is non-renewable. Even with this knowledge, degradation of soil resources continue worldwide because of […]

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